Gilman Law LLP’s Naples Florida Office Is Investigating Claims On Behalf Of Churning Victims

Gilman Law LLP’s Naples Florida Office is investigating claims on behalf of investors whose brokerage accounts have been churned by their stock broker or financial advisor. If your stock broker is actively trading your account to generate commissions you may have a claim for damages. Brokers can churn an account by actively trading stocks or options or by entering into short-term transactions in longer-term investments such as mutual funds, individual bonds, private placements, or annuities. Churning can negatively impact the performance of your account, even when the market is rising. If you are a churning victim you may have  a claim for damages.

Gilman Law LLP’s Naples Florida Office is a leading securities law firm and is here to help you recover for losses sustained from churning. For a free evaluation of your case,  call us to set up an appointment, (1-239-221-8401), or please fill out our online form.