Principal Protected Notes

The Naples Florida Securities Law Firm Gilman Law LLP is assisting investors who purchased so-called “principal protected notes” (“PPNs”), where investors were led to believe that their principal capital would be fully protected and guaranteed and that there would be an upside potential linked to various sectors and indexes.

We are prosecuting litigation which has proven banks and other financial institutions targeted risk–adverse investors who sought to preserve their capital investment (principal) but also generate income. These purportedly “principal protected” notes were in many instances high risk investments, contrary to the offering materials provided to the investors.

In the case of Lehman Brothers, for example, the so – called principal protected notes underwritten by UBS, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, RBC, SunTrust, Wachovia and Wells Fargo were linked to exotic pools of assets such as foreign currency baskets, the performance of stocks of various outside companies, commodity indices, index fund components, foreign equity components, and international indices. Investors relied on the fact that these investments were “principal protected.”

The Gilman Law LLP, Naples, Florida Securities Office has been proceeding under various sections of the securities laws against responsible parties to recover losses for many of its clients. We have asserted that material statements in Lehman’s Offerings were false or misleading because inter alia:

  1. There was no security interest or collateral supporting the PPNs;
  2. The PPNs did not offer “principal protection,” and were actually no different from traditional bonds;
  3. The Offering Materials failed to disclose Lehman’s risk concentrations; and
  4. The Shelf Registration Statements and Offering Materials contained numerous misrepresentations of fact and omitted to disclose the significant high risk inherent in purchasing the “principal protected notes.”

The Naples Florida Securities Law Firm Gilman Law LLP is assisting investors in connection with structured note offerings by:

  1. Lehman Brothers
    • (multiple – hundreds of PPN offerings)
  2. Bank of America
    • Bank of America (Basket EAGLES) Equity Appreciation Growth Linked Securities
    • Bank of America Return Linked Notes
    • Bank of America CYCLES (Capital Protected Equity Performance Linked Securities)
    • Bank of America EAGLES (Equity Appreciation Growth Linked Securities)
    • Bank of America Strategic Equity Exposure Performance Linked Securities
    • Bank of America Columbia Strategic Cash Portfolio
  3. Citigroup
    • Citigroup Index-Linked Notes – Citigroup Funding
    • Citigroup Principal Protected Trust Certificates – Citigroup Funding
    • Citigroup ELKS (Equity Linked Term Notes)
    • Citigroup LASERS (Leading Stockmarket Return Securities) – Citigroup Global Markets Holdings
    • Citigroup PISTONS (Portfolio Income Strategic Opportunity Notes)
    • Citigroup PACERS (Premium Mandatory Callable Equity-Linked Securities)
    • Citigroup SEQUINS (Select Equity Indexed Notes) – Citigroup Global Markets Holdings
    • Citigroup TARGETS (Targeted Growth Enhanced Terms Securities)
  4. Deutsche Bank
    • Deutsche Bank Index Plus Notes
    • Deutsche Bank Auto-Callable Optimization Securities
    • Deutsche Bank Buffered Underlying Securities
    • Deutsche Bank Performance Securities with Contingent Protection
  5. Merrill Lynch
    • Merrill Lynch American International Group Medium Term Notes, Series AIG CMS Curve Notes
    • Merrill Lynch Protected Enhanced Income Notes
    • Merrill Lynch Market Participation Deposits
    • Merrill Lynch Principal Protected Multi Currency Basket Notes
    • Merrill Lynch ARNS (Accelerated Return Notes)
    • Merrill Lynch ERNS (Enhanced Return Notes)
    • Merrill Lynch HOLDERS (Holding Company Depository Receipts)
    • Merrill Lynch MITTS (Market Index Target-Term Securities)
    • Merrill Lynch MRN (Market Recovery Notes)
    • Merrill Lynch ProGros (Protected Growth Investing)
    • Merrill Lynch SRNS (Strategic Return Notes)
    • Merrill Lynch STRIDES (Stock Return Income Debt Securities)
    • Merrill Lynch TOPrS (Trust Originated Preferred Securities)
  6. Morgan Stanley
    • Morgan Stanley Structured Investments Protected Buy-Write Securities
    • Morgan Stanley Performance Leveraged Upside Securities
    • Morgan Stanley BOXES (Basket Opportunity Exchangeables)
    • Morgan Stanley BRIDGES (Broad Index Guarded Equity Linked Securities)
    • Morgan Stanley COMPS (Commodity Indexed Preferred Securities)
    • Morgan Stanley ELIPS (Equity-Linked Securities with Lock-In Protection)
    • Morgan Stanley HITS (High Income Trigger Securities)
    • Morgan Stanley MPS (Market Participation Securities)
    • Morgan Stanley SEQUINS (Select Equity Indexed Notes)
    • Morgan Stanley SPARQS (Stock Participation Accreting Redemption Quarterly-Pay Securities)
    • Morgan Stanley TRACERS (Corporate Bond TRACERS Units)
  7. UBS
    • UBS 100% Principal Protection Notes
    • UBS Yield Optimization Notes with Contingent Protection
    • UBS BULS (Bullish Underlying Linked Securities)
    • UBS EAS (Enhanced Appreciation Securities)
    • Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protection Notes 

Securities Fraud Legal Help for Victims of Principal Protected Notes Investments

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