Variable Annuities

Gilman Law LLP is a leading Naples, Florida securities litigation firm. Gilman Law LLP’s Naples, Florida Securities Office represents Naples residents with investment losses due to your broker’s unsuitable variable annuities.  Our team thoroughly conducts factual investigations, legal research and expert analysis in order to recover your investment losses.

Variable annuities are complex investment vehicles that combine insurance and investment features. Variable annuities have sub-accounts that are invested in stock and bond mutual funds. Investors are provided with a choice of funds. The variable annuity also has an insurance feature that provides the investor with a death benefit. Variable annuities are often sold to investors as a way to provide them with a “guaranteed” income stream. What investors usually fail to understand is that the so-called guaranteed income stream requires an investor to essentially forfeit the principal investment in exchange for the income. So an investor that elects these complicated income riders must annuitize to get the income. The amount of income is contingent upon the performance of the sub-accounts’ investments. Variable annuities are complicated. Furthermore, the ongoing costs and fees to maintain the variable annuity, death benefit, income rider, and sub-account management may cost the investor upwards of three percent per year. If your broker failed to disclose the ongoing costs, early withdrawal penalties, or the commission the broker earned for the sale, you may have a claim for recovery.

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